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New Cushion Cover

Buy  Online New Range of Decorative Cushion Cover  for Sofa, Bedroom, Living Room, Office at Best Price from My style Label with an appealing Look and cosy feel that can add freshness to your room. With its Eco-Friendly material offer cool touch in summer and warm touch in winter.

As we seat in office or home, all around the world, a new trend have evolved for colorful  cushion cover seating.In past we had a few color choice with some earthy color cushion for sofa and armchairs. As new generation try to experiment with new color for cushion like Rubicon red, emerald green, blue sapphire and many more for modern look and feel of their office or home.

Different type of Cushion are there.

Like Cushion for chair,where we cant seat for long hour,we can add elegance of soft cushion cover.

Seating Bench we can have cushion cover according to the theme like outdoor or indoor.

Windows seat cushion cover with bay style window that extends from the outer most exterior wall of the house.

Chaise lounge chair cushion cover for outdoor . Chaise cushion thickness is most commonly made with boxed edge styling or boxed with double welting style.

Rocking Chair Seat Cushion two separate cushions for the rocking chair seat and rocking chair back section.To make a seat and back connected style cushion.

Wicker cushions come in either flat or firm style cushions with the classic over-stuffed or tufted style cushions.
Tips for washing cushion cover,always keep away from sunlight and wash with warm water to avoid color fade