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Serving Spoon Set Golden

Serving Spoon

Serving Spoons in the kitchen plays an important part in every home. As also we need the right kitchen serving utensils that are very essential. As if you are a newbie as a culinary or cooking expert. As there are some take away which are explained in detail. Keeping them in a cooking stand or jar on a counter will be useful for everyday daily use.

Serving Spoon is the most important and necessary utensil used to serve different types of food items. As any food meal can’t be completed without the use of a serving spoon set. In easy terms, we can explain that a serving spoon that is also famously known as a chamcha is a big larger size spoon used to serve different types of food from dish to bowl and also for serving our dinner to launch.

Serving Spoon History:-

Serving Spoon have a long history. As it’s been used for centuries and in ancient times. When we check old history books or topics when we ready we found that Romans and Greeks also used spoons which were made of silver or bronze metal or brass serving spoon to serve food. As there is also evidence found that in medieval times spoons made of wood which are called wooden serving spoons very common. These Big Spoons for cooking and serving are very often used. There is also a history of silver spoons that became very popular during the Renaissance. As it was found to be decorated.

Serving Spoon Set become modern and larger as time passed. As in the old days during the rules of monarchs cooking spoon sets that were made of silver were considered a sign of status and wealth. As time passed and now the serving spoon comes in different forms of materials like plastic, steel, silver, and bronze.


As serving spoons comes in a variety of size and shape which have different type of purpose to serve different type of meals. As there are most popular cooking spoon sets are given below.

Slotted Serving Spoon – A slotted serving spoon can be described as a spoon with many holes or which has a slot like in the bowl. As vegetables and other specific food needed to be drained before serving. Slotted spoons are popular in this type of serving.

Solid Serving Spoon – Solid Serving spoons are used for serving our food for dinner or launch on our dining table. A solid serving spoon comes larger. Which helps it to use for cooking as well serving food for our daily use.

As some solid spoons also known as chamcha can have bigger sizes up to 10” inches and are also bigger in length. Chamcha is mostly used for foods that do not require to be drained like rice or mashed potatoes

As it is a bit larger than our tablespoon as it is used to serve a larger quantity of food at one time. As some solid spoons also known as chamcha can have bigger sizes up to 10” inches and are also bigger in length. Chamcha is mostly used for foods that do not require to be drained like rice or mashed potatoes.

Gravy Ladle -Gravy Ladle is a spoon used to serve gravy and different types of sauces. Its shape is like a round bowl type and deep. It also has a long handle to serve properly.

Punch Ladle – A punch ladle is a steel utensil that is used to transfer liquid from a pitcher or a bowl that is large into drinking glasses. As it has a long handle and a slightly curved shape handle with an oval bowl or shallow round shape

Serving Fork – Serving Forks are generally used together with a cooking spoon set. As serving forks are bigger than table forks. As it is used to serve different types of side dishes. Due to its special design serving forks with three tines and special shapes helps pick up thin slices of fruit or similar type of items.

Salad Serving Spoon – As salad spoons are generally used in pairs with a salad fork. As it is very helpful for serving and mixing salad very efficiently.

Cake Server – As the name suggests, a cake server is a pie and cake server. As it is called also a cake knife. General use for cutting cakes and also serving cakes and pies. As it is also used for serving pizza also.

Brass serving spoons;-Brass serving spoons come in different variety of styles and sizes. Some have an ornate or plain design with patterns of engravings on a bowl or the handle.

From big spoons for cooking serving to small serving spoons which are used to serve tea or coffee. Additional stylish features can also be seen in such as decorative needs or gemstones.

As brass utensils are expensive and are used for food serving for special occasions like birthdays or parties and family get together. As brass is a metal that has an appearance of yellowish. It is an alloy of copper and zinc which has a tough and durable and it can resist corrosion.

As it is important to keep in mind that brass serving spoons always feed tarnish over time. To keep brass serving spoons always new and shiny looking we should always have a mild brass cleaner or a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice.

Serving Spoon Material:- Material plays a major part when we choose a serving spoon for our daily use. As stainless steel is always a popular choice for many reasons. it does not rust very fast.

As another benefit is, it does not quickly tarnish very easily. It is very easy to clean. As we have tried to explain why we should choose stainless steel over other metals for serving spoons.

stainless steel serving spoon design plays a major part in our daily use in the kitchen. As the life of a serving spoon is generally longer and use to serving a different variety of food at our launch, breakfast at our dining table.

Serving spoon made of stainless steel comes with different types of designs from modern to simple look. As a traditional look ornate look is also a choice for many homes. As while selecting serving spoons we should keep the design that is suitable for our kitchen as well as for our dinner table.

Size– we should check the size we will use for our daily kitchen and serving needs. A bigger and large serving spoon can be helpful to serve large dishes. As for delicate foods, it is advisable to select smaller spoons.

Care for serving spoon– Serving a spoon of stainless steel is very easy to take care of. As it is advisable to wash with soapy water, warm, and should be dried with an always soft cloth. As it is advisable not to use hard chemicals or rough or abrasive cleaners on serving spoons. As it can damage the finish.

The following points should be considered while choosing stainless steel as a serving spoon.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Serving Spoons;-

We know that stainless steel serving spoons offer a greater benefit over different materials like wood, plastic, ceramic, and so on.

Hygienic- Stainless steel is nonporous. we can prevent bacteria do not penetrate the surface. Due to this reason, stainless steel serving spoons is a preferred and hygienic choice for serving food.

Versatility -Use of serving spoons-It can be used for serving a variety of foods from salads, desserts, and soups.

Easy to Clean- Serving spoon made of stainless steel can be easily maintained and cleaned. It is easy to wash by hand or dishware. It does not require any specialized method of cleaning products to wash and clean.

Affordable – Stainless steel is very popular among housewives for home cooking and chefs of hotels and restaurants.


Serving spoons are part and parcel of any kitchen. As it is important to choose important material. As stainless steel serving spoons are widely used. As it has more benefits than other materials. It has more durability, affordability, hygiene, and versatility. While choosing a stainless steel spoon we have to check high quality material of spoons which can last longer. And also size and design which can be helpful for our everyday need of kitchen. As serving spoons last longer and use for serving food at our dining table.


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