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Cosmetic Box

Woman need to invest in high quality cosmetic cum vanity box because there are many fold reason. A cosmetic cum jewellery box is use to keep the items organized and in proper manner.

There are makeup box with compartments for woman there are many layers, so you can keep them according to the size of the items.

Bridal jewellery box is use to keep jewellery which comes with lock and key.

Small cosmetic box for travel which are portable and lightweight design also comes with waterproof, interiors spill proof anti wear comes which is use for travelling purpose, which is compact.

Wooden vanity box also comes which is heavy in size that can be kept at home.

Cosmetic Box is use to keep cosmetic accessories like makeup brushes, lip gloss, eyeshadow, hairbrushes, skincare etc.

Now a days there are different pattern and design like printed,valvet,leather material are use.Also comes with mirror for daily use.

Material use for small travel vanity box use fabric and nylon is use which is water and dirt proof.